Specialist Roofing & Cladding

Division of Aquaheat New Zealand Ltd


Classic Metal is the premium provider of Architectural metal roofing and facades to the lower half of the North Island.


Our Classic Metal™ Roofing and Wall Cladding systems

  • Standing Seam (Double Standing Seam and Angle Seam)
  • Batten Seam and Rollcap
  • Flatlock Panels (Hook Seam and Lock Seam)
  • Cassette and Interlocking Panel Systems
  • Bespoke systems as required – or a combination of any of the above
Membrane Roofing Systems
  • ARDEX Butynol Membranes
  • ARDEX Torch-on Membranes
  • ARDEX Tanking Membranes
Standard Metal Roofing and Cladding Systems
  • Corrugate, Trapezoidal and Trough Section Profiles
  • Flashing Systems for all Roofing Applications


We can assist with design aspects – technical guidance and drawings. This includes from conceptual stages through to working drawings.


Building Consent CheckliChecklistst

Classic Metal's specialist roofing and cladding systems can sometimes fall outside the scope of E2/AS1 and be categorised as 'Alternative Solutions'.  This means that you will need to provide sufficient evidence to show how your solution meets the requirements of the New Zealand building code.  Aquaheat Classic Metal have a number of ways in which we can help you make this process as simple as possible and avoid those time consuming 'Request for Further Information' letters.


  • Check Compatibility of metals with other building materials. Certain products when placed in contact with metal can have negative effects on the appearance and/or structural integrity of the metal.  Please talk to us early so we can let you know what you can and can’t do.  Some helpful links:VM Zinc: www.vmzinc.co.nz/our-solutions/basic-principles/compatibility-rules
  • Involve our specialist metal craftsman and European trained Spengler early in the design process. We are able to work with you the designer to get the detailing right to satisfy Council.
  • Documentation:  Depending on the system specified Aquaheat Classic Metal can provide Producer statements, Warranties, confirmation of approved applicators, detailed specifications, and other relevant documents.  Let us assist you early on and help to prevent you wasting time with ‘Request for Further Information’ letters later.
  • Engineering: For unique designs that require specialist engineering we are able to involve local facade engineers to make your design work.



We manufacture our own profiles, associated flashings and accessories in a fully equipped workshop.



Installation methods are based on traditional systems and craftsmanship used successfully for many decades in Europe.  It is vital that the premium materials and systems are installed by skilled and experienced craftsmen familiar with these products and systems.