Specialist Roofing & Cladding

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Are the Classic Metal products more durable than standard roofing and cladding products?

Yes we only use premium materials which are generally more durable. All Classic Metal systems are designed to make best use of and provide maximum life of the material. Such things as hidden clip fixings means there are no penetrations through the material which ensures extra weather protection and allowance for thermal expansion.

Can these metals be curved?

Yes.  Generally the materials are substantially malleable and are able to be formed to fit most designs.

What sort of substrate is required under this type of roofing and cladding?

Cladding min 12mm Plywood. Roofing min 17-18mm Plywood.

Are these products suitable for use in a coastal environment?

Yes.  Classic Metal products are generally highly corrosion resistant and suitable for marine environments.

Can these products also be used for interior design and feature walls?

Yes all our systems may be installed internally. 

Some successful case studies are:

What warranties are provided with these products?

5 Year Workmanship
15 Year Material Guarantee: In accordance with E2
20 Year Written Warranty from VM Zinc

Note: To view E2 standards - go to http://www.dbh.govt.nz/building-code-compliance-documents

What technical support can you offer?

Our qualified team are able to offer help with design and specification.
Our team consists of qualified VM Zinc installers with the support of VM Zinc and TECU product specialists and VM Zinc testing facilities.

What design support can you offer?

With well over 60 years combined industry experience, our qualified craftsman are happy to work closely alongside architects and designers to bring their vision to reality.


What about a Building Consent CheckliChecklistst?

Classic Metal's specialist roofing and cladding systems can sometimes fall outside the scope of E2/AS1 and be categorised as 'Alternative Solutions'.  This means that you will need to provide sufficient evidence to show how your solution meets the requirements of the New Zealand building code.  Aquaheat Classic Metal have a number of ways in which we can help you make this process as simple as possible and avoid those time consuming 'Request for Further Information' letters.


  • Check Compatibility of metals with other building materials. Certain products when placed in contact with metal can have negative effects on the appearance and/or structural integrity of the metal.  Please talk to us early so we can let you know what you can and can’t do.  Some helpful links:VM Zinc: www.vmzinc.co.nz/our-solutions/basic-principles/compatibility-rules
  • Involve our specialist metal craftsman and European trained Spengler early in the design process. We are able to work with you the designer to get the detailing right to satisfy Council.
  • Documentation:  Depending on the system specified Aquaheat Classic Metal can provide Producer statements, Warranties, confirmation of approved applicators, detailed specifications, and other relevant documents.  Let us assist you early on and help to prevent you wasting time with ‘Request for Further Information’ letters later.
  • Engineering: For unique designs that require specialist engineering we are able to involve local facade engineers to make your design work.

Are these products environmentally friendly and sustainable?

Yes.  Classic Metal is:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Long lasting, time tested
  • Environmentally compatible and sustainable

Please refer to our Metals pages for more information.

What considerations do we need to account for when using dissimilar materials?

Generally each system should comply with NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code of Practice 2.7.2 Compatibility Table.  However please note this table is only indicative.  Consideration must be taken of the amount of moisture present and relative size of components.

For job specific questions our Technical Staff are available to help.  Please contact us for further information.