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We have regular e-newsletters, and we will continue to update you with the latest Classic Metal news in 2015.


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Latest Newsletters


  • Autumn 2016 - Classic Metal Detailing, Exterior Transitions, Interior Transitions, Request these details   View Autumn 2016 Newsletter >>> 

  • Summer 2015 - Commercial Craftsmanship, How can Classic Metal systems be utilized successfully in mixed use/apartment/retail developments, How will it help to reflect the local urban environment and will it be sustainable?   View Summer 2015 Newsletter >>> 

  • Winter 2015 - Classic Metal Interlocking and Cassette Panel Systems,  New Developments in the world of VM Zinc, and some recently completed projects which have just won Gold in the Registered Master Builders Home of The Year Awards.   View Winter 2015 Newsletter >>> 

  • Autumn 2015 - Classic Metal Renovations, Roof Ventilation, Recently Completed. In this issue of our newsletter we look at how Classic Metal details can be incorporated into your next renovation or alteration project. Roof Ventilation and a recently completed home in Korokoro.   View April Newsletter >>> 


  • December Summer 2014 - Classic (Metal) Kiwi Bach. In this issue of our newsletter we look at how Classic Metal details can be incorporated into your next Bach design. Value, Appearance, Longevity and low maintenance .   View Summer 2014 Newsletter >>> 

  • July 2014 - Classic Metal Systems: Time Tested.In this issue of our newsletter we look at how our systems endure the elements and withstand the test of time: Sustainable or Disposable: How do we build for a sustainable future. Well weathered zinc...   View July Newsletter >>> 

  • April 2014 - "ITS NOT A HOUSE ITS A HOME: Live with what you love" Specialist Systems require specialist installers - Spengler: The journey of a Mastercraftsman - Recently Completed: Eastbourne Residence.                View April Newsletter >>> 

  • November 2013 - "Could it be a tall poppy?" -  Copper is beautiful - Copper Interiors - Reduce your carbon footprint with Ecological Copper- Copper Compatibility.  View November Newsletter >>>Luckenwalde Bibliothek Germany 
  • August 2013 - Classic Metal Roofing Excellence -  Erich Stocker wins "Roofer of Excellence Award"-Classic Metal Education.  View August Newsletter >>>Erich Stocker Wins Award 
  • April 2013 - Focus on Zinc: Interiors - Beijing office fit-out and Boulcott hospital, In Progress - Clyde Quay Wharf development, recently completed residential projects and a look at zinc's compatibility with other materials.  View April Newsletter >>>

Clyde Quay Wharf Apartments

  • December 2012 - Includes Current Projects at Victoria University, Building Consent Checklist, and the recently completed project at Scots College.  View December Newsletter >>>

Scots College Performing Arts Centre