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It's lively surface weathers over time and transforms gradually – initially with a matt appearance then on through the range of brown tones and finally onto a green appearance after a number of years. After exposure to airborne sulphates, the natural surface forms a “Sulphate Patina” that is highly resistant to all forms of atmospheric corrosion.

A living surface creating distinction

It is normal to see colour changes within the first few weeks with the overall weathering process dependent on the local atmospheric conditions. Horizontal surfaces will form a patina quicker than sloping surfaces.

Copper is a long life roofing and cladding solution that offsets its initial higher cost with lower maintenance and a longer lasting product. It does not require painting or finishing and provides an economical, long-term solution that is very low maintenance.

Copper is available in coil widths of up to 1m or in flat sheets. It comes in gauges of 0.55mm through to the thicker 1.5mm. Generally, thinner gauges of copper can be utilised in roof and wall cladding systems.  In most cases, 0.55mm to 0.7mm is used.

Benefits of copper roofing and cladding

The benefits of using copper for roofing and cladding projects are:

  • Aesthetically pleasing - available in a number of surface aspects;
  • Malleability / versatility;
  • Longevity– proven over centuries of use;
  • Recyclable / recycle value;
  • Suited to contemporary and traditional designs; and
  • Adds value to a property.

Colour range - copper roofing and cladding

Classic Metal™ is an approved installer for the KME TECU® range of copper including those listed below.

Note:  Some images are repeated below to show the changing appearance of the product due to the weathering process.

TECU® Classic


TECU® Patina

TECU® Oxid


TECU® Zinn

TECU® Brass


TECU® Bronze


TECU® Gold