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This versatile open jointed system is suitable for horizontal and vertical applications. The cassettes are bent and fixed with concealed clips to an aluminium framework, which is secured to the load bearing structure. The Cassette Panel System is also suitable for exterior and interior applications.

Key Advantages


The Cassette Panel System can be installed horizontally or vertically and by using different panel sizes and playing with the seam height the designer has many facade design options. Suitable to all surface aspects including Zinc, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Colour coated Products.

Greater Structural Stability

The Cassette Panel System requires a heavier (1.5mm-2mm) gauge material and is installed using bespoke aluminium clips and over aluminium top had substructure. This ensures the flatness of the panels and gives the system overall more structural stability.

Thermal Expansion

Interlocking Panel System allows for thermal expansion in the panel joints and clips.

Elegant Aesthetic

The panels are connected by use of an interlocking groove giving the elegant appearance of a recessed joint.  The transverse aluminium supporting structure also ensures a flat finish and smart linear façade.


Classic Metal™ draws on traditional craftsmanship to create more robust systems which are built to last 50-100 years and require minimal maintenance. Many of the material options are able to be recycled or produced from up to 100% recycled material. 

Building Consent

As you can see from the handful of projects featured above, Classic Metal™ have years of experience installing Interlocking Panel System cladding with and a large project portfolio that can be accessed and used as a in-service history to support your building consent application. We also have the technical support from our international suppliers and can often provide engineering calculations when required.


Classic Metal™ can also provide a project specific specification.