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It is designed to be site installed sequentially by engaging lower edge of each panel to upper edge of panel below. Panels mechanically attached to plywood support using concealed clips located under upper and side edges of panels. The Lock Seam System is part of the rain screen family (weather resistant, ventilated wall cladding installed over building wrap and cavity backing by others) and is suitable for interior and exterior applications.  

Key Advantages

Economical and Versatile

The simplicity of this wall cladding system makes for economical installation and use of material especially on large curtain wall areas. By using different panel sizes and playing with the seam direction the designer has many options for their facade design.

Greater Structural Stability

As with all fully supported systems, there is a requirement for a plywood substrate which not only ensures an extra durable wall but also provides extra lateral bracing for the building as a whole.

Thermal Expansion 

The Lock Seam System allows for thermal expansion in the panel joints and clips.

Acoustics and Thermal Benefits

Less noise transfer from the outside, less heat will escape in the winter and less heat will penetrate into the building in the summer.

Unique Crafted Aesthetic

As Flatlock Panel systems generally utilize a lighter gauge material, the result is a more lively and hand-crafted aesthetic. Suitable to all surface aspects including Zinc, Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, colour coated products.


Classic Metal™  draws on traditional craftsmanship to create more robust systems which are built to last 50-100 years and require minimal maintenance. Many of the material options are able to be recycled or produced from up to 100% recycled material. 

Building Consent

As you can see from the handful of projects featured above, Classic Metal™  have years of experience installing Lock Seam cladding with and a large project portfolio that can be accessed and used as a in-service history to support your building consent application. We also have the technical support from our international suppliers and can often provide engineering calculations when required.


Classic Metal™ can also provide a project specific specification.