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Wellington Supreme Court

Wellington, New Zealand

The concept of the new court emerged from the idea of the court as “Seed of a new tradition in New Zealand Law”. The spiralling diamond pattern of the façade symbolizes the cone of the Kauri tree. Essentially there were two parts to this project. Part one required fabricating traditional standingseam metal roofing to restore the 128 year old brick Wellington High Court building, and roofing and cladding to the new connecting two level building. Classic Metal™ installed Double Standing Seam Profile, VM Pigmento Zinc Roofing and Flashings which at the time was the largest consignment of VM Pigmento Zinc in the world. Part two required the Classic Metal™ team to work closely with Warren & Mahoney Architects to realize their concept for the elliptical orb which houses the Supreme Court. The Classic Metal™ team was responsible for cladding the exterior of this orb with diamond shaped copper and bronze shingles to emulate the pattern of a Kauri tree cone. These materials were chosen for their durability, colour and patina that will form over time. Utilizing the hook seam cladding system our Classic Metal™ team of specialist craftsmen installed over 2200 KME Tecu copper and bronze diamond shaped shingles.

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